Senin, 14 Desember 2009

update: hongkong yahoo asia buzz awards

Hee.... just get some info from the front line. happiebb from send me message saying that Kadd from SGTripleS managed to 'teleport' to the award ceremony. Kekeke... no lar.... Kadd manage to get the ticket for the award, 2nd row ticket!!!!

Want to look at the live updates for the award ceremony....... please teleport over to

P/S: happiebb says she has a BIG project coming up soon, so do watch her blog for more updates of her 'BIG project' ^_~

Leader receiving his award

SS501 giving their thank you speech after receiving their award.
According from what I read from Baidu, Leader gave his speech in English.
Jung Min said: "Leader and I had been doing our activities in different field this year.
Being able to group together and performed again, really thankful for the support from our fans.

P/P/S: Heard that leader will fly back to Macau tonight and will not stay in Hong Kong.
He will fly back to Hong Kong tomorrow to return to Korea. Seems like his parents are at Macau.

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